January 19, 2022 7:19 pm

4 ways to use social media in marketing

1 Search for target groups

Before we choose Influencer to help marketing. First, it must be known that Who are our customers? Which social media platforms do you prefer to use? Because not all influencers create content on every platform for sure. Brands can leverage Customer Data to find social media platforms that our customer base can use. While we are

analyzing the target audience. You can study the types and details of influencers at the same time. That the person who will review the product for us should have a number of Followers. It should be a Micro influencer. Or celebrities who have more followers than that

2. Plan marketing strategies.

In addition to choosing Influencers to help review products. Creating a marketing strategy is very important. In fact, influencer marketing is not just about the experience of using the product. or review in front of the camera and finish But marketers and entrepreneurs must take into account the content they want influencers to convey. What does our brand want to convey? What are the advantages and better than competitors?

In addition, maintaining business friendships It is something that should not be overlooked. Do not forget that influencers are natural people. Can’t run automatically Therefore, communication between a brand and an influencer is important. Brands should also determine at the outset what budget they have before contacting

influencers so that we can choose the right influencer. Each influencer has different values. Different at this point, we may have to assess the cost well that the result is
worth the investment.

3 Look for Influencer

To be an intermediary for Influencers that meet the needs of the campaign This will reduce the work process. and save more time or brand may be contacted directly through the manager Or sending a contact message through Influencer, it depends on that person.

The person we will choose Of course, it must be able to communicate the identity of the brand. and tell about the brand’s products and services as well Have a positive attitude towards the brand

To present a guideline for doing Influencer Marketing in order to visualize both parties clearly and easy to understand for smooth communication. At this point, marketers can adjust the content. To match the style of each influencer, it is important to choose an influencer that you need to realize. They will come in as business partners with us.

Therefore, brands should contact each Influencer official. and ask for time to join in the negotiations for a business deal including discussing the agreement and conditions for product reviews What needs we have and what limitations are influencers.

4 Collect data to measure success.

Marketing regardless of the strategy must be kept to always measure to know Is the business plan that we are working on now yielding a return on investment and what needs to be developed in the future? Here, the goals of each brand may be different. Want to create awareness to be known on online media or focusing on generating sales

this quarter Measuring results may not be just about likes, but marketers can use different conversion rates as a medium to measure results, how to measure ROI or return on sales. Can be measured by marketing tools It is based on conversion numbers on social media platforms such as

• Reach

• Engagement

• Views

• Website Traffic.